Tetration Lab


Research and Development Lab for Cryptography, Web3, and On-chain Game.

Contacts And Careers

Get in touch with us for exciting career and collaboration prospects, and don't worry, we're on a tight budget but are always open to unpaid internships! (jk)

Our Works

Privacy Projects

Night Market


Multi-Asset Shielded Pools with external interaction and compliance features. Trade, LP, stake, and more privately while comply with regulators

Cryptography, zkSNARK, MASP, Shielded Pool, Privacy, DeFi
*Delphi Labs Cosmos Hackathon Osmosis 2nd Place
ECDSA Signing In Tfhe-rs


Experiment and technical report on implementing fully homomorphic encrypted elliptic curve digital signature algorithm (ECDSA) using tfhe-rs

Cryptography, Homomorphic Encryption, tfhe-rs, ECDSA
*Zama Bounty Program - Create a FHE ECDSA signature tutorial


Decentralized cross-chain bounty and crisis management protocol. A.k.a. On-chain ctf with claimable bounty using zero-knowledge proof.

Cryptography, zkVM, zkSNARK, RISC-0, revm
*ETHOnline 2023 Finalist*ETHOnline 2023 - Best Use Of Wormhole
Turing Zero zkVM


Turing Zero zkVM is a zk circuit simulating a simple Turing machine, and the circuit can prove that given a public input tape and output tape, there is a program witness that sucessfully simulate with such tape.

Cryptography, zkVM, Turing Machine, Noir
*ZK Hack Istanbul 2023 Finalist*ZK Hack Istanbul 2023 - Best Use Of Scroll*ZK Hack Istanbul 2023 - Best Use Of Mantle
Type-5 zkEVM


Type-5 zkEVM is a 30-ish opcodes/instructions simplified EVM that captures important concepts like state transition proof, opcodes, etc. Users can easily add/modify opcodes or VM behaviour due to our small, easily-read codebase.

Cryptography, zkVM, EVM, Noir
*ZK Hack Istanbul 2023 Finalist*ZK Hack Istanbul 2023 - Best Use Of Scroll*ZK Hack Istanbul 2023 - Best Use Of Mantle

On-chain Game

Frosty Fight


Fully on-chain real time multiplayer rock paper scissors-like game

On-chain game, MUD Engine
Museum Heist


Fully on-chain social deduction game with private state using homomorphic encryption and zkSNARK

On-chain game, MUD Engine, Cryptography, Homomorphic Encryption, zkSNARK
Muddy Forest


Fully on-chain MMO-RTS space conquest game

On-chain game, MUD Engine

Open Source Contribution

Arkworks Solidity Verifier


Solidity SNARK verifier generator for Arkwork's proof systems.

Cryptography, Solidity, Arkworks, zkSNARK
Arkworks MiMC


Arkworks implementation of cryptographic hash function MiMC

Cryptography, Arkworks, zkSNARK, CRH
Arkworks Phase2


Arkworks implementation of Groth16's phase 2 CRS generation ceremony

Cryptography, Arkworks, zkSNARK, Phase2